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program of the day :

 closing - beginning        > Action and Vacuum <

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>> On Art and Activism << 

Aldo Milhonic (Sociologist, Ljubljana):

>> Curating in a cultural vacuum << 

Presentation of the research group of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna  
Moderation:  Alexander Nikolic

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Starting already at 3 pm, the Camp Lab finally deals with both “Closing” and “Beginning”. On the one
hand, the “camp” is a scene of closure, enclosure and sealing-off, demanding its opening – according
to Georges Didi-Huberman – which writes its own story to become perceivable and representable. On
the other hand, “the camp” is a starting point for unexpected processes, due to the lack of an accurate
prediction about what can happen within an artificial atmosphere, as Ute Meta-Bauer diagnoses. She
initiated the research project “Curating in a cultural vacuum” at the Academy of Fine Arts. This project
meets with the Slovenian sociologist Aldo Mihonic, who talks (in English) about the scope of art and
activism on the basis of ex-Yugoslavian and other examples. This is more than the closing of a circle:
Not only derived the first idea for the >camp-project< from the periphery of the performance-magazine
„Maska“(Ljubljana), where Mihonic is a constant columnist, but the “vacuum” brings up again the
question of the construction of camps, which is often connected with the anxiety of wars and conflicts.
If the camp, as a product of war, is structurally speaking a cultural vacuum, as it organises only
mechanisms of “bare life” after the breakdown of infrastructure, then it can become a resource for art,
since it makes for combinations of ethnic groups, activities and approaches that have been impossible
so far. But if artistic work all too easily allies itself with the “chic” of bare life as a so to say politically
upgraded form of the Arte Povera, naked cynicism threatens. The ever so desired combination of art
and activism has to move within these dialectics, wherever it pitches up camps. This is shown by the
subsequent film „Holiday Camp“ (Jennifer Lyons-Reid, Carl Kuddell) that deals with the ambivalent
impacts arising from a campaign of liberation at the deportation camp in Woomera (Australia).“

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