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Fluc : program

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program of the day :

Acting – Being Governed  > Discipline and Population <

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Lectures :

>> Generating Disciples <<

Chris Standfest (Actor, dramaturgist, theorist of culture, Vienna /
Katherina Zakravsky (Theorist of culture, performance artist, Vienna)

>> Controversy on Genetic Colonialism and Biopolitics <<

Tomislav Medak (Theorist of society, performer, activist, Zagreb) /

Fahim Amir (theorist, Vienna)

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Discussion :

Chris Standfest
Katherina Zakravsky
Tomislav Medak

Fahim Amir

„Acting – Being Governed” is the maxim that opens up the wide ethic-political array to a new discourse,
where the “camp” is made a scene of biopolitics by Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben.
In two controversies the biopolitical spectrum is focused first on its individual, ethical and praxeological
aspects, to be then connected with more political and biotechnological questions.
Overlaps are however also bound to occur for the theoretical part.
To start with, Chris Standfest (actress and performance artist of the Theaterkombinat with a pedagogical
background and a current research activity in the field of space studies) and Katherina Zakravsky
(theorist of culture and performance artist) tackle the difficult topic of a self-chosen discipline as a
self-technique for especially artistic and other biographies under precarious circumstances. As we know,
Michel Foucault had tried to develop a topical technique of existence out of antique wisdom theories of
Is that an ahistorical aberration? Or will there be astonishing “disciplinary” and extraordinary alliances
due to the lack of self-technique for post-industrial nomads, migrants and virtuosos (Paolo Virno)?
Biographic reminiscences about the way of taking up residence by seizing buildings in Berlin Kreuzberg
(Standfest) intertwine with questions about ritual and compulsion neurosis as antipodes of self-education.
Subsequently, Fahim Amir poses the contentious issue of the approaching “gene-colonialism”, answered
by Tomislav Medak (theoretician, performance artist and activist from Zagreb) with a reflection upon
the social complexity of biopolitics as a mode of production

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Film program:

>>Bilder gegen Feinbilder<<

>>Slum-TV<< (Alexander Nikolic, Lukas Pusch)

>>Die KönigInnen vom Salgueiro haben relative Bürgerrechte<< (Silvia Santangelo Jura)

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