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Fluc: program

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program of the day:                            

dislocating -  detaining                  >Asylum and Slum <

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After a few days of intra-laboratory conditions, Camp Lab 1 is reopened for public on August 2nd under
the heading “Relocating – Detaining”. The historian Karl Bruckschwaiger, the ethnologist and publicist
Herbert Langthaler (Asylum Coordination Austria) and the artist Alexander Nikolic deal with the broad
and contradictory range of European-African relations. The confrontation of the rich with the poor is to
be seen in „Slum TV“, an art project by Alexander Nikolic and Lukas Pusch. It shows an artistic
intervention in a slum in Nairobi and relates to the slum as the place of organising survival between
proud and violence. Life in the slums is a counter-model to the setting out for Europe that has to deal
with the juridical contortions of the old conception of “asylum” as a protective area. People have to fight
for residence, but on a totally different field. The day is concluded – according to the Fluc – by an
annotated presentation of African music, rounded off with stories.

Lectures:  y.balken - 274326.1

>>Regional protection programs of the EU<<                        video> - 264106.1                                     

Karl Bruckschwaiger (historian, philosopher, Vienna)

[ lecture: Regional protection programs of the EU [german] pfeilgrün2 - 254758.1 ]

>>Thinking the unthinkable. Arguments against the European border regime<<

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Herbert Langthaler (ethologist, journalist, coordination of asylum policies, Austria)
[ Artikel: Fremdenfeindlichkeit  pfeilgrün2 - 254758.1      Das undenkbare Denken  pfeilgrün2 - 254758.1     Asyl im Schengenland  pfeilgrün2 - 254758.1 ]


Alexander Nikolic / Lukas Pusch                                                                  video> - 264106.1
[ Artikel: economy class [german] pfeilgrün2 - 254758.1 ]

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22:00 Bruckschwaiger::music::Nikolic

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Film program:

>>Slum-TV<< (Alexander Nikolic, Lukas Pusch)

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