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The event will focus on architecture, but also on public/artistic interventions in public spaces, combined with an exhibition in the gallery and lectures, debates, discussions. The theme will be explored mainly through exhibitions of various artists, exhibiting their work, which deal with the questions of architectural morphology, space and form in architecture, environmental design, form and environmental cognition, townscape planning, spatial and landscape simulation, and so on.

The formal structure is similar (but broader in terms of content) to the CC (Center - City) project, which Maska presented in November and December 2005. CC consisted of 2 public interventions (billboards around BTC, the biggest shopping mall in Ljubljana with photos and drawings of fences, (architecture and urbanistic) plans for the city and the shopping mall, etc. and one billboard built as a cube in the city center with similar content), an exhibition and a couple of lectures in the gallery (you can find more on CC project on the websites www.maska.si and www.fwc.si).

Other proposals:

  • collaboration with the Bauhaus Weimar (container project) and the Fluc from Vienna (in collaboration with Nomad_theatre
  • architects from Berlin and a lecture by Katherina Zakravsky
  • lectures (debates, discussions, projects, etc.) on architectural/camp structures
  • exhibition – suggestions: P74 gallery, Kapelica gallery (situated in the very center of Ljubljana, more on  http://www.kapelica.org), ŠKUC gallery, etc.
  • lectures, discussions etc. in the galleries mentioned above and at Metelkova City (Menza, Celica, Gromka, etc.)
  • public/artistic interventions - Hrvatin and Peter Šenk, Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka and invited (2) artists in residence to come to Ljubljana for about a month and work on something that can be exhibited in a gallery
  • film programe - a program of relevant films, also older films and a lecture on set designs in Metropolis, Blade Runner etc.
  • together with Aurora from A+A gallery in Venice we think about possible collaboration with the Faculty for Architecture from Venice - invite someone to lecture, or invite students from that faculty for the exchange, prepare an exhibition in one of the galleries...


  • Gallery P74
  • Gallery Kapelica
  • Metelkova (different locations inside Metelkova City)
  • Public locations (ones owned by the city and also private ones, depending on what we can do)
  • SKUC gallery
  • KUD France Preseren (locations, appropriate for different events, from an exhibition to talks, concerts, film viewings, etc.)
PROJECT:   CONA : ZONE  y.balken - 274326.1

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