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CNN Headlines “Social Software and Enterprise"

24 Nov. 14; 13:53: Cosby: TV dad to alleged sex predator
Bill Cosby is dominating headlines as accusations pile up.

24 Nov. 14; 01:52: 45 killed at Afghan volleyball game
At least 45 people are killed when a suicide bomber attacks a crowd watching a volleyball game in southeast Afghanistan.

22 Nov. 14; 17:22: Israel revives controversial policies
Israel has revived its controversial demolition policy in the wake of several recent terror attacks. Israel says it may save lives. Palestinians say it's cruel and unusual punishment.

BBC News | Africa

24 Nov. 14; 20:44: 'Militant traders' raid Nigeria town
Residents and soldiers are fleeing a Nigerian town raided by militant Islamists disguised as traders, officials say, as the country's top Muslim leader criticises the military.

24 Nov. 14; 20:16: Jet attacks Tripoli's last airport
An unidentified jet carries out two air strikes on Maitiga air base in Tripoli, the Libyan capital's last functioning airport.

24 Nov. 14; 17:13: Morocco hit by deadly flash floods
Flooding in southern Morocco kills 32 people and destroys homes after heavy weekend rainfall, officials say.

BBC News | America

24 Nov. 14; 18:54: US defence secretary to step down
Chuck Hagel has resigned as US defence secretary after less than two years in the post, following a series of meetings with President Barack Obama.

24 Nov. 14; 21:52: Ferguson jury rules on Brown death
A grand jury reaches a decision over whether to charge a police officer who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, says his family.

23 Nov. 14; 09:49: Ex-Washington Mayor Marion Barry dies
Marion Barry, ex-Washington DC mayor who won re-election after a drug arrest, dies at 78.

BBC News | Asia-Pacific

24 Nov. 14; 12:03: Banker fit for Hong Kong murder trial
British banker Rurik Jutting is ruled fit to stand trial for the murder of two women in Hong Kong, after undergoing psychiatric assessments.

24 Nov. 14; 12:41: Mother of baby left in drain charged
Police charge a 30-year-old woman with attempted murder after she abandoned her newborn baby boy in a drain in western Sydney.

24 Nov. 14; 10:45: Festival drops rape accused editor
Former Indian news magazine editor Tarun Tejpal, who is charged with rape, is dropped from a literary festival after his invitation causes outrage.

BBC News | Europe

24 Nov. 14; 16:21: Swiss museum to accept 'Nazi art'
Switzerland's Bern Art Museum says it will accept hundreds of works of art bequeathed by German Nazi-era art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt.

24 Nov. 14; 16:54: Ukraine 'will hold Nato referendum'
Ukraine's president says he intends to hold a referendum on joining Nato, in a move likely to anger Russia.

24 Nov. 14; 17:31: Women not equal to men, says Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says women cannot be treated as equal to men, and accuses feminists of rejecting motherhood.