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CNN Headlines “Social Software and Enterprise"

30 Jun. 15; 18:38: France attack photos could become ISIS propaganda, prosecutor warns
Tunisia: First arrests |Amateur video shows horror | London tests readiness | Tourists defiant

30 Jun. 15; 15:23: Military plane crash: 70 dead
Horrifying crash scene | Search for victims

30 Jun. 15; 19:26: NY escape: Jail bosses put on leave
Had everything gone as planned, prison escapees David Sweat and Richard Matt would have killed the husband of a prison worker before fleeing with her to Mexico, officials said.

BBC News | Africa

30 Jun. 15; 14:00: South Sudan army 'burnt girls alive'
South Sudan's army and allied militias "abducted, torched and gang-raped girls" during fighting against rebel forces in Unity state, a UN report says.

30 Jun. 15; 19:08: Tunisia killer 'trained in Libya'
Tunisian security sources say that Seifeddine Rezgui, who killed 38 people in an attack on a hotel in the resort of Sousse, was trained in Libya.

30 Jun. 15; 13:53: Nigeria gay ban 'backed by 87%'
A new opinion poll suggests that 87% of people in Nigeria support the legal ban on same-sex relations, compared with 96% five years ago.

BBC News | America

30 Jun. 15; 19:43: California enacts tough vaccine law
California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that imposes one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the US.

30 Jun. 15; 18:52: Christie enters race for White House
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has officially launched his bid to become the next president of the United States.

30 Jun. 15; 20:53: US ballet dancer makes history
The American Ballet Theatre has named Misty Copeland its principal dancer - the first time a black ballerina has held the prestigious role.

BBC News | Asia-Pacific

30 Jun. 15; 16:42: Scores dead in Indonesia plane crash
More than 100 are feared killed as a military transport plane crashes in a residential area of the Indonesian city of Medan, officials say.

30 Jun. 15; 12:20: Two dead in Japan bullet train fire
A man dies after setting himself on fire on a Japanese bullet train, leaving one other passenger dead and others injured.

30 Jun. 15; 13:16: Inmates riot at Melbourne prison
Armed police try to contain a huge riot at the Ravenhall maximum security prison in Melbourne, which reports say was sparked by a smoking ban.

BBC News | Europe

30 Jun. 15; 20:40: Greece seeks last-minute debt deal
The Greek government requests a new €29.1bn bailout deal from the eurozone - just hours ahead of a deadline to repay a €1.6bn loan to the IMF.

30 Jun. 15; 17:57: Greek worries continue to hit FTSE
Shares in London and across Europe continue to fall, with Greece expected to fail to make a payment to the IMF.

30 Jun. 15; 19:09: Russia examines Baltic independence
Russian prosecutors will examine whether the Soviet Union acted legally when it recognised the Baltic states' independence in 1991.