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CNN Headlines “Social Software and Enterprise"

28 May. 15; 12:58: FIFA corruption scandal: What happens next?
The unprecedented U.S. investigation into football's world governing body has sent shock waves rippling across the globe -- and prosecutors say they're only just beginning. | How did scandal unfold?

28 May. 15; 12:00: Will Sepp Blatter survive FIFA scandal?
Can FIFA's President survive the corruption scandal that has rocked football's governing body? CNN's Zain Asher has more.

28 May. 15; 11:04: Why is the U.S. cracking down on FIFA?
The indicted 14 soccer officials aren't Americans. And soccer isn't even the most popular sport in the United States. So why is the U.S. taking top FIFA officials to court on corruption charges?

BBC News | Africa

28 May. 15; 12:05: SA denies organising World Cup bribe
South African officials dismiss US allegations that a $10m (£6.5m) bribe was organised for top Fifa officials in order to host the 2010 World Cup.

28 May. 15; 02:42: 'New species' of ancient human found
A new species of ancient human has been unearthed in the Afar region of Ethiopia, scientists report.

27 May. 15; 18:55: Kenya payout over birth control
A Kenyan court orders a private hospital to pay $48,000 (£31,000) to a woman who became pregnant despite having a contraceptive implant.

BBC News | America

28 May. 15; 12:22: Fifa sponsors warn on 'corruption'
The annual congress of World football governing body Fifa is due to open despite sponsor concerns over the arrest of senior officials on corruption charges.

28 May. 15; 04:37: US military shipped anthrax to labs
The US military accidentally sent live anthrax samples to labs across the country and a US military base in South Korea, the Pentagon says.

27 May. 15; 23:55: Santorum joins race for US president
Rick Santorum, a Christian conservative who came second in the 2012 Republican primaries for president, launched a second campaign for the White House.

BBC News | Asia-Pacific

28 May. 15; 09:26: Rinehart loses family trust battle
Australia's richest person, mining magnate Gina Rinehart, loses control of the family trust to her daughter, after a long running legal battle.

28 May. 15; 13:01: Malaysian police probed over graves
Malaysia detains 12 policemen suspected of human trafficking, two of whom are said to be connected to recently discovered jungle graves.

28 May. 15; 11:57: Pakistan plane hijackers hanged
Three Pakistani insurgents are hanged by the authorities, 17 years after they hijacked a passenger plane and tried to fly it to India.

BBC News | Europe

28 May. 15; 13:34: Blatter hosts emergency Fifa meeting
Fifa president Sepp Blatter chairs an emergency meeting as football's world governing body is mired in crisis following the arrest of seven top officials.

28 May. 15; 13:13: Cameron's EU exit warning to leaders
David Cameron will tell other leaders Britain will vote to leave the EU without major reforms, the UK foreign secretary says.

28 May. 15; 09:20: Barman guilty over 56-shot death
A French barman is convicted of manslaughter and given a suspended sentence for allowing a customer to drink 56 shots that led to his death.