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CNN Headlines “Social Software and Enterprise"

21 Aug. 14; 06:33: Malaysians charged with MH370 theft
Malaysian police have charged two people over the alleged theft of around $35,000 (110,600 Malaysian ringgits) from the bank accounts of four passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

21 Aug. 14; 17:09: Tycoon calls Chinese 'mongrels'
Offensive remarks about China made by Australian tycoon and politician Clive Palmer have struck a chord on Chinese social media -- with some users actually seeing them in a positive light.

21 Aug. 14; 01:46: Brothers die in Japan landslides
Landslides triggered by heavy rains killed at least 27 people in the western Japanese city of Hiroshima, authorities said Wednesday.

BBC News | Africa

22 Aug. 14; 12:44: Senegal closes border over Ebola
Senegal closes its border with Guinea because of the deadly Ebola outbreak, despite WHO warnings that such measures are counter-productive.

21 Aug. 14; 15:54: Boko Haram 'control police academy'
Northern Nigeria's riot police training academy has been overrun by Boko Haram Islamist militants, sources in Borno state tell the BBC.

22 Aug. 14; 08:29: Tour buses collide near Egypt resort
Two tourist buses collide near Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt's Sinai peninsula, leaving 33 people dead and 41 injured, officials say.

BBC News | America

22 Aug. 14; 06:04: IS militants 'biggest threat' to US
Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are the most dangerous threat the US has faced in recent years, senior American officials warn.

21 Aug. 14; 19:19: US Ebola patients out of hospital
One of the US aid workers who recovered from the Ebola virus says he is "thrilled to be alive" as he and another patient are discharged from hospital.

21 Aug. 14; 22:19: Bergdahl prisoner swap 'illegal'
The exchange of five Taliban fighters held at Guantanamo Bay for a captive US soldier violated the law, a US government watchdog agency finds.

BBC News | Asia-Pacific

22 Aug. 14; 10:53: Malaysia observes silence for MH17
Malaysians observe a moment of silence following the arrival of the bodies of 20 victims of Flight MH17 which crashed in Ukraine in July.

22 Aug. 14; 13:05: Rain hampers Japan landslide rescue
Heavy rain hampers rescue operations in Japan's Hiroshima prefecture where a landslide killed at least 39 people, with 51 still missing.

22 Aug. 14; 04:31: India blocks Gandhi murder film
India blocks the release of a film on the assassination of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi, after complaints it glorifies her killers.

BBC News | Europe

22 Aug. 14; 13:15: Russian aid convoy 'invades Ukraine'
A senior official in Kiev accuses Russia of invading Ukraine after Russian humanitarian aid lorries cross the border without permission.

22 Aug. 14; 12:38: Iraqi Christians welcomed in France
France welcomes about 40 Iraqi Christian refugees flown to Paris from Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan after fleeing Islamist fighters.

22 Aug. 14; 10:57: Ebola case family 'not informed'
A priest says the family of a Donegal man, suspected to have died from the Ebola virus, first heard of any possible link to the disease through the media.