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CNN Headlines “Social Software and Enterprise"

27 Feb. 15; 17:16: 'Knights Templar' cartel head caught
Mexican authorities detain Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel, federal police say.

27 Feb. 15; 16:55: 'Jihadi John': Poverty not to blame
The White House says terrorism is rooted in poverty but, argues CNN security analyst Peter Bergen, anti-West jihadists often come from wealthy backgrounds and are well-educated.

27 Feb. 15; 16:04: Chad's army pursues militants in Nigeria
CNN's Arwa Damon travels with heavily armed Chadian fighters as they chase Boko Haram from Cameroon deep into Nigeria.

BBC News | Africa

27 Feb. 15; 16:21: Snatched baby found after 17 years
A South African girl has been found 17 years after she was stolen from her mother shortly after being born in a Cape Town hospital.

27 Feb. 15; 15:29: Mugabe admits land reform flaws
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe admits failures in the country's controversial land reform programme, saying some farms were "too big".

27 Feb. 15; 12:21: Ugandan police 'abuse gay people'
Ugandan police harass and physically abuse gay people in custody, including subjecting them to intrusive examinations, a rights report says.

BBC News | America

27 Feb. 15; 16:42: Eight die in series of US shootings
Eight people have been killed and one person injured in a series of shootings in the US state of Missouri, police say.

27 Feb. 15; 15:54: US growth revised down to 2.2%
The slowdown in the US economy at the end of last year was more pronounced than previously thought, official figures show.

26 Feb. 15; 21:32: Boehner silent on shutdown vote
House Speaker John Boehner has refused to say if the House will vote on a Senate bill funding homeland security before a Friday deadline.

BBC News | Asia-Pacific

27 Feb. 15; 16:16: US-Bangladesh writer hacked to death
A US-Bangladeshi blogger whose campaigning for a secular society in Bangladesh angered Islamists is hacked to death on a street in the capital Dhaka.

27 Feb. 15; 13:44: Pakistan climbers' 'killers' escape
Two militants on trial for killing a group of mountaineers in Pakistan in 2013 have broken out of prison, police say.

27 Feb. 15; 14:11: Parents of Thai ex-princess arrested
The parents of a former Thai princess are detained under the lese majeste law, after admitting that they misused their royal connections.

BBC News | Europe

27 Feb. 15; 13:28: German MPs back Greek loan extension
German MPs vote overwhelmingly to extend financial aid to Greece by another four months, despite public scepticism.

27 Feb. 15; 15:16: Threat to east Ukraine 'to persist'
Ukraine's president says a "military threat from the east" will remain even if a truce with rebels holds, a warning seen as a reference to Russia.

27 Feb. 15; 13:56: Third arrest in Copenhagen shootings
Danish police arrest a third man suspected of aiding a gunman who killed two people in attacks in Copenhagen earlier this month.