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CNN Headlines “Social Software and Enterprise"

Texas gunman wasn't confronted outside school, official says, in new timeline of school massacre

27 May. 22; 03:13: 'Joe died of a broken heart': Husband of beloved teacher killed in Texas shooting dies two days later

26 May. 22; 21:17: Parents seen frustrated with police at shooting scene in new video
CNN has obtained video that captures the parents of children at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, visibly frustrated with the police response to the school shooting. CNN's John Berman and Shimon Prokupecz break down the footage and speak to Lt. Chris Olivarez, the spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

BBC News | Africa

27 May. 22; 01:35: Africa's week in pictures: 20-26 May 2022
A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week.

26 May. 22; 23:10: Senegal hospital fire: Eleven newborn babies die in Tivaouane
The fire is thought to have been caused by a short circuit at the hospital in Tivaouane, officials say.

26 May. 22; 02:01: Nigeria's kidnapping crisis: Should ransom payments be banned?
Businessman Lawal Ado has paid ransoms three times and says there is no other option.

BBC News | America

27 May. 22; 01:09: Uvalde shooting: Texas school gunman 'walked in unobstructed'
No guard challenged the attacker and it is unclear if the school door was even locked.

26 May. 22; 21:32: Texas school shooting: Husband of killed teacher dies 'of grief'
Joe Garcia reportedly dies of a heart attack two days after his wife was shot at Robb Elementary.

26 May. 22; 15:30: Texas shooting: The teachers who sacrificed their lives to protect children
Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia were seen trying to shelter their students from the gunfire.

BBC News | Asia-Pacific

18 Mar. 20; 13:31: China to restrict US journalists from three major newspapers
The three affected newspapers deplored what they said was an unprecedented attack on press freedom.

18 Mar. 20; 23:12: Coronavirus: Pound plunges to its lowest level in over 30 years
The pound falls to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985, trading at $1.15.

17 Mar. 20; 05:31: Coronavirus: Hong Kong to quarantine all arrivals from abroad
Hong Kong has seen 57 new infections over the past two weeks, 50 of which were imported.

BBC News | Europe

26 May. 22; 01:52: How can Ukraine export its harvest to the world?
Ukraine has crops that could help lower food prices, but there's no easy way of getting them.

26 May. 22; 18:12: Spanish MPs back 'only yes means yes' sexual consent law
The new legislation aims to make it easier for victims of sexual violence to prosecute attackers.

26 May. 22; 23:22: Louvre museum's ex-president charged in art trafficking case
Jean-Luc Martinez is accused of facilitating the transfer of objects to the museum’s Abu Dhabi site.