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 externer_link - 233215.1 MASKA   (Ljubljana/SLO)
 nonprofit organization for publishing, production
(performances, interdisciplinary and visual art works), education and research.
Maska's theoretical, critical and artistic activities are involved in
contemporary art and theory, research, experimental performing practices, interdisciplinary art and critical theory.

externer_link - 233215.1KUVA Finnish Academy for Fine Arts (Helsinki/FIN)
provides the highest university-level theoretical and practical training in Finland in fine arts.
It seeks to promote research in the fine arts and to act as a member
of the international community of academic education in arts. The purpose
of the Academy is to provide broad professional artistic training
whilst taking into account new developments in contemporary art.

externer_link - 233215.1NOMAD Theatre :: LAB Factory (Vienna/A)
working on the development of contemporary
theatrical installations, transdisciplinary projects in the performative,
situationist as well as in the so called theatrical context. Cooperation-platform for artists and art groups,
interface between art and science.

externer_link - 233215.1WAAG Society (Rotterdam/NL)
medialab, network, avantgardistic thinktank...


externer_link - 233215.1FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange (Helsinki/FIN)
provides services and acts as an expert body in international exchanges relating to the visual arts.

externer_link - 233215.1 Visual and Cultural Research Centre (Skopje/MK)
consistent part of “Euro-Balkan” Institute; the VCRC focus on the research fields of
history, politics and culture; contemporary cultural discourses and visual culture.
It appears that, VCRC  both draws on and develops key concepts
of contemporary cultural theory...

externer_link - 233215.1 Willem de Kooning Academy   (Rotterdam/NL)
Willem de Kooning Academy offers a comprehensive package of
higher vocational education for artists, designers, and visual arts and design
teachers. they strive to provide the highest quality of education in the arts.

externer_link - 233215.1 V2  (Rotterdam/NL)
interdisciplinary center for art and media technology.
V2_ focuses on the combination of and relations between different
media and between different artistic and scientific disciplines,
especially dealing with the electronic networks, Internet
and the World Wide Web.

externer_link - 233215.1 HIAP Helsinki International Artists-in-Residence Programme (Helsinki/FIN)

externer_link - 233215.1 De Unie (Rotterdam/NL)

externer_link - 233215.1
Art University Södertörns högskola (Stockholm/SE)

externer_link - 233215.1
Academy for Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna/A)
The Academy regards itself as an international field for
experiments in contemporary art and architecture and
as a place where theory and practice,
science and art meet.

externer_link - 233215.1 neocom.org (Vienna/Belgrad)

externer_link - 233215.1 Archivfieber (Vienna/A)

externer_link - 233215.1 ARMA–theatre (Tel Aviv/IL)
Founded in 1990 by Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher.
It is a Physical theatre, street theatre, site-specific and Bouffon theatre (the fool).

externer_link - 233215.1 Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Institut für mediale Histographien (Weimar/D )

 externer_link - 233215.1 Boymans van Beuningen (Rotterdam/NL)

 externer_link - 233215.1 Galleria A+A (Venezia/I)
The A+A gallery is a non-profit exhibition space,
a centre for the promotion of contemporary Slovenian and international art

 externer_link - 233215.1 Faculty of Arts and Design of the University IUAV (Venezia/I)
An university academic programme, based on education and research.
The faculty offers programmes in industrial design, visual and
multimedia design and communication, the visual arts, and theatre.

externer_link - 233215.1 FLUC (Vienna/AUT)

 externer_link - 233215.1 Gallery Mama (Rotterdam/NL)
MAMA is a project of the Public Art Squad foundation. It is a publicly
funded visual arts and culture organisation. Programming
exhibitions not only in it's own project space on Rotterdam's "culture street"
Witte de Withstraat, but also far beyond.

 externer_link - 233215.1 Galerija Kapelica (Ljubljana/SLO)

 externer_link - 233215.1 Galerija P 74 (Ljubljana/SLO)

 externer_link - 233215.1 Galerija ŠKUC, (Ljubljana/SLO)
Art production centre, one of the most visited exhibition premises in Slovenia.
The focus on regional and local developments represents
a significant segment of the Gallery's programme. Close co-operation
with institutions and individuals working in the region including
art centres in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy, provide a
wider theoretical framework of their curatorial work.

 externer_link - 233215.1 Buero für ungewoehnliche Massnahmen  (Stuttgart/D)

externer_link - 233215.1 Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. (Stuttgart /D)

externer_link - 233215.1
Mothership, organization bureau Rotterdam (Rotterdam/NL)

 externer_link - 233215.1 Stara Elektrarna (Ljubljana/SLO)

 externer_link - 233215.1 STIFTUNGGEISSSTRASSESIEBEN ( Stuttgart /D)

 externer_link - 233215.1 TENT (Rotterdam/NL)


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