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CAMP-project- conference and presentation

Do. 23. And Fr. 24. February 2006

"Supercamp" conceives the "Camp Complex" as a mental and social symptom that does not only effectuate political and architectural "camps" in the narrow sense but is tightly woven into the fabric of social life.
"Supercamp" is an international and interdisciplinary network project that addresses the contemporary discourse on various types of "camps" in public to enhance a multidimensional investigation on the "morphology of the camp" that shall combine scientific, architectural, artistic, performative and social aspects.

SUPERCAMP / CAMP-project- KICK OFF conference and presentation
23. and 24. February 2006

23.02. KICK OFF Conference SUPERCAMP / 1st Day of Camp

19:00 Presentation of the "Supercamp" project
Katherina Zakravsky, Alexander Nikolic and Thomas J. Jelinek
19:15 Presentation of "Supercamp" modules
Katherina Zakravsky, Alexander Nikolic, Thomas J. Jelinek ("Supercamp", Vienna)
Michael Klein (Wagenhalle ev., "Büro für ungewöhnliche Maßnahmen", Stuttgart), Ine Poppe (Professor of Media at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam), Barbara Hribar (representing Emil Hrvatin, director and editor of "maska", Ljubljana)
20:15 Lecture by Michael Zinganel
Dark Tourism Tours. A Tour de Force in Tourism Studies Or
On the Strange Attraction of Camps
On camps for tourists (all inclusive), on service workers in touristic enterprises, on camps as holiday destinations, on alternative and extreme "camping" and on "dark tourism"
20:35 Lecture + Filmpresentation by Irina Sandomirskaja
Nostalgic Revanche and the Camping of the Camp: Some Reflections on Post-Soviet
Fetishism in Connection with Elem Klimov's Film "Welcome, or Entrance Forbidden".
ca. 22:45 public discussion
23:30 open night with DJ program

24.02. SUPERCAMP / 2nd Day

18:40 Presentation of the SUPERCAMP website
Archive as actualisation of knowledge
Guest presentation: Archive Mixing by David Bowill
19:00 Presentation of CAMParchives and CAMPnavigation
by Karl Bruckschwaiger
19:40 Presentation: The media archive "Utopia Travel"
(David Rych, Emanuel Danesch) by Emanuel Danesch
20:00 Summary of the conference "Auszug aus dem
Lager" (Exit/excerpt of the camp) by Katherina Zakravsky
The symposium took place at the "Academy of Arts" in Berlin December 2005. The conference has been organized by Ludger Schwarte and tried to combine theoretical contributions on Agamben, Arendt and Foucault on the camp as "spatial paradigm of
21:00 Impuls Statement
Strategies of Activism ("camps against camps")
by a representative of "No Border"
Followed by a
Penal discussion
With all project partners, guests and the audience
ca. 22:30 open night with DJ Ohrgasmus

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